Berger Bullets

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Berger Bullets

  • World-renowned for accuracy
  • Delayed expansion for devastating terminal effect
  • Each bullet made to exacting standards
Preferred by benchrest competitors and varmint shooters worldwide for their superior accuracy, Berger Bullets is now offering lethal Match VLD rounds for big-game hunters. Match VLD bullets have a sharp nose that penetrates up to 3″ before expansion begins, resulting in deeper wound channels of up to 18″ in vital areas for maximum hemorrhaging. Offered in calibers from .20 to .30, each has a J-4 jacket with nearly perfect wall concentricity that’s uniformly less than .0003″. Cores are cut from 99.9% pure lead, then shaped and swaged through special dies to create a bullet that’s round to .0002″. Per 100. Made in USA.


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